Rosie's confused by Keith's distant behaviour. She thought they'd sorted everything out. Dawn realises that she revealed more to Keith than Rosie did. She apologises to him.Garry and Stacey quiz Amy about Johnny's whereabouts. Stacey loses her temper and they get nowhere. Stacey confides in Garry that she thinks Johnny's kidnapped Ruby.

Martin asks about Bradley. Sonia reveals that she hasn't seen him for years. Dot brags about his job in the city. Jim snipes that he's just an office junior, but Dot insists that he's a high flyer.

Keith informs Mickey that Dawn's been telling lies about Rosie and Mike. He forces Mickey to admit that he knew that Rosie planned to leave. Keith's gutted that Mickey didn't tell him.

Bradley arrives and charms Dot with a pot plant. Jim rolls his eyes when Bradley announces that he's dairy intolerant and drinks soya milk. Bradley's bemused by Dot's gift of a rap CD.

Rosie's furious with Dawn for telling Keith the whole story. She assumes that Dawn ruined everything deliberately. Meanwhile, Garry chats up a customer. She agrees to go on a date with him.

Yolande asks Pat to change the locks on the office. Pat's forced to admit that she played a trick on her the night before by locking her in. Yolande's furious and flounces off.

Keith gets Garry and Minty's opinion on his situation by pretending that it's a scenario he saw on TV. Minty advises him that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Stacey apologises to Deano for being grumpy. She invites him for a drink at Scarlet later. Dot introduces them to Bradley and instructs them to take him out. Stacey's unimpressed by him.

Keith asks Rosie for the truth about Mike. She averts her eyes as she insists that she's staying for her family. He notes that she hasn't named him as her reason for staying and storms out.

Stacey's amused by Bradley's conservative dress for their night out. He proceeds to bore her with his obsessive talk of 007. Meanwhile, Garry's date asks if she can stay the night.

Rosie announces to Dawn and Mickey that Keith's walked out. She insists that the twins mustn't find out. Meanwhile, Keith breaks into a shed at the allotments and shivers with the cold.

Stacey dispatches Bradley to get drinks, so that she can enlist Deano in her plan to break into Johnny's office and read his emails. He flirts with Amy while she tries the door, but it's locked.

Deano spots bouncers dealing drugs. He buys some and pours it into his and Stacey's drinks. The effect soon shows on Stacey, who starts a fight and gets kicked out. Outside, she collapses.

Garry canoodles with his date. They're interrupted by Keith, who's looking for a place to stay. While Garry's back is turned, she scarpers with his wallet. Keith falls asleep on the sofa.

Bradley sends Deano for help. He drags Stacey to a bench. She comes round to find him looming over her and punches him. Deano returns and sees that her top and tights are ripped. Bradley protests that it's not how it looks.


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