The Karim family arrive in the Square to take over the ownership and running of the convenience shop.

Angie is out of intensive care but still in the hospital, following her renal shutdown. She is visited by Den, Sharon, Kathy and Duncan.

Colin is feeling low due to Barry moving out of the flat they shared.

Pauline is considering taking on a cleaning job at The Dagmar now Angie's not working there. She says that Willmott-Brown has got to sell his house and move in to The Dagmar.

Michelle phones the Barr Street Clinic for an urgent appointment with Doctor Mahta.

Lofty is over the moon about Michelle's pregnancy, but she is not happy about it or ready to move back in with him, and asks him not to tell anyone just yet. He first tells Den, then Colin, and then Ethel when he visits her in her sheltered housing and finally Barry. When Michelle finds out Lofty told Den, she is furious.

Ethel reads Lofty's tea leaves to see what gender his new baby will be, but instead sees something which upsets her and quickly changes the subject.


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