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Ethel says her goodbyes in Walford before she moves into sheltered housing. Sharon comes to Simon's rescue when he is left in the lurch at The Dagmar. Ian offers to cook Donna a meal.

Colin and Barry have arguments stemming from Barry's bust-up with his dad after telling him he was gay. Barry says he's going to become straight so he can get back with his family.

Gerry, who Angie punched in the face on her last night working at The Dagmar, returns to threaten legal action. Willmott-Brown is furious. He throws Sharon out of the upstairs flat, and goes to the Vic to have a go at Den and Angie, much to their amusement.

Ali recruits another helper into the café, Dot Cotton.

Michelle is getting more and more irritated by Lofty and his boring reasonableness. She accuses him of not knowing the meaning of the word 'fun'. He tries to remedy this by dressing up as Superman in the Turpin Road phone box, but Michelle is mortified. She thinks that she and Lofty need a break from one another and has decided to move back home for a while, leaving him devastated.


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