Angie puts a proposition to Den that she'll return to The Vic as a business partner, and they will split the profits 50/50. She starts working behind the bar immediately.

Dr Singh tells Dr Legg that he'll be leaving to move up north in a month's time, to work on a research project into the use of narcotic drugs.

Pauline catches Den in a quiet moment and hints that she knows he is Vicki's father.

Donna gets drunk while working in The Vic, and starts flirting with Pete, then Ian, then Mehmet whereupon she lets on to Guizin that Mehmet asked her out but then couldn't follow it through after losing £2,000 gambling.

Sharon asks Duncan if they could get engaged, but Duncan says they've only been together two months and it's too soon. He gives her a necklace that belonged to his great aunt.

Michelle tells Pauline she's pregnant again, but not to tell anyone. Pauline's delighted. Michelle clearly isn't.


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  • This second part episode was a thirty-five minute special and was broadcasted at 11.30pm as an extra episode for New Year's Eve.
  • In an unusual move for a pre-recorded television series, the chimes of Big Ben are integrated into this episode. Den brings a television into the bar of The Queen Victoria, 'watches' the chimes in their entirety, and the episode resumes. It also coincided with an announcer saying "And a very happy new year, from BBC One." For many years, people believed that the scene was live. However, it was later announced that the scene was actually a backup tape and integrated into the episode because the live feed failed. However, the announcer was the only thing "live" from the episode. This was proved when the Drama repeat of this episode which came from the original master tape, didn't feature the announcer but the chimes.
  • Radio Times synopsis: "It won't be quite the same when I'm not living here. I mean I'll come back, but it won't be the same."
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 19,850,000 (chart placing unknown).
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