Mary's dad has driven down from Stockport in a hire car to take her and Annie back 'home' for a family Christmas, but Mary doesn't want to go. Mary starts a new job at the launderette following Dot being sacked after the paper published news of her recent court appearance.

Darren is chastised by Carmel for his wheeling and dealing antics in the Square. To make up for his ways, he organises and hosts a childrens Christmas Party at the cafe.

Arthur gets a Top Up loan from the private money lenders.  The Fowlers' cooker gets condemned due it it leaking gas.

The Fowlers start to prepare to relocate to Pete's house for their Christmas Day dinner.

Mary's dad snatches Annie from the Cafe Christmas Party and speeds off in his hire car. Driving too fast through the Square, he crashes into a post box.


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Eastenders Christmas Specials

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