Den watches as Johnny refurbishes Angie's Den. Meanwhile, Chrissie, Zoe and Sam gather at the allotments, planning to finish Den off once and for all for his malicious actions. Later that night, the three women confront Den in the Vic. Den criticizes the women for their weaknesses and cruelly tells them that he cares for no-one. Refusing to sign over the Vic to Chrissie, he smugly starts to leave when Sharon appears from the darkness, having heard everything about her father. Disgusted and devastated that, among everything else, her father used her infertility against her, Sharon disowns Den before departing in a cab. Meanwhile, Andy is murdered by Johnny, who throws him off a flyover to his death. Unable to control his rage, Den violently throws Chrissie against the fruit machine. Having no way of stopping him, Zoe retaliates by striking Den with Pauline's dog-shaped iron doorstop. Seemingly dead, Den lies flat on the floor, as Chrissie orders the other women to close the pub. Alone with Den, Chrissie gloats to him, claiming her victory. As she walks over his body, Den's hand suddenly grabs her ankle. Hissing his final words "You'll never get me out of the Vic", Den is silenced forever as Chrissie delivers the final blow with the doorstop, secretly witnessed by Sam. Unknown that Chrissie killed him, Zoe tries to convince Chrissie that she thought Den was going to kill her. Chrissie, seeing a chance for revenge against Zoe, allows her to take the blame as she tells the two women that "we all need to get our story straight".


Main cast

  • Leslie Grantham as Den
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman as Chrissie
  • Letitia Dean as Sharon
  • Michelle Ryan as Zoe
  • Kim Medcalf as Sam
  • Billy Murray as Johnny
  • Michael Higgs as Andy
  • Joel Beckett as Jake
  • Jake Maskall as Danny
  • Shane Richie as Alfie
  • Daren Elliott Holmes as Eddie
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian
  • Derek Martin as Charlie
  • Laila Morse as Mo
  • Kacey Ainsworth as Little Mo
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey
  • Pam St. Clement as Pat
  • Wendy Richard as Pauline
  • James Alexandrou as Martin
  • Natalie Cassidy as Sonia
  • David Spinx as Keith
  • Gerry Cowper as Rosie
  • Shana Swash as Demi
  • Charlie G. Hawkins as Darren
  • Joe Swash as Mickey
  • June Brown as Dot
  • John Bardon as Jim
  • Ricky Groves as Garry
  • Mohammed George as Gus
  • Joseph Kpobie as Juley
  • Cliff Parisi as Minty
  • Ray Panthaki as Ronny
  • Pooja Shah as Kareena
  • Jemma Walker as Sasha
  • Anthony Lucas as Terry
  • Dee Fyfe as Cake Girl

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