Mags puts in an offer of £90,000 for 31 Albert Square. Wicksy is worried it's a lot of money for him to commit to, but Mags assures him she can afford it by herself.

Charlie continues to worry Nick about why he is so scared. Finally Nick tells his father that he ran out on some 'business' friends taking a large amount of money.

Willmott-Brown snaps first at Angie for chatting to Kathy in the market instead of being at work, and later at Colin for making him look foolish for recommending him for the design job that Colin couldn't cope with.

Lou talks to Pete about him and Pauline inheriting the stall when she's gone. Pete tells Pauline they should just sell it and split the proceeds, but Pauline says they're not selling it.

Barry's reached his target weight of ten and a half stone.

Colin offers to cook a meal for Sharon, Barry and Donna, but Donna starts getting defensive when the others start asking her about her mysterious background.


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