Chrissie tries to talk to Den about missing the girls, but he won't listen. She opens a letter from them in the States and eventually shows it to Den. Meanwhile, Dennis asks him to sell the club to himself and Andy, but Den refuses, telling him to close it down. Little Mo and Ian wish Kate well with her move. Ian threatens to visit her in Brighton with his kids. Sam snipes at Kate. She hopes that she won't be using the Mitchell name when she goes back to being a copper. Zoe makes a last attempt to seduce Dennis and become pregnant, but Dennis isn't interested. She goes to Den and tells him she is going to tells Dennis the truth. Den stops her and suggests that if Dennis isn't up to the job, he'll do it. Andy gets Jake and Danny to clean the Bookie windows, Danny isn't impressed, but Jake reminds him about their situation. They learn from Spencer that there is a history between Alfie and Andy, but they're not sure what. Alfie lays into Spencer. He accuses him of mouthing off to their cousins about his feud with Andy. Alfie insists that opening old wounds will only cause them more problems. Jane asks Ian not to come to the funeral, but to help her move David's things from the hospice.


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  • Final appearance of Jill Halfpenny as Kate Mitchell.
  • Final appearance of Christopher Parker as Spencer Moon due to the actor missing vital filming commitments after being rushed to hospital and taking a long recovery break. After three weeks of extended leave, Parker and the production staff reached a mutual decision that he would not be returning to the series, and writers created a storyline to explain the character's absence, rewriting existing scripts to do so.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Den receives some devastating news about Sharon.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,990,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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