Feeling the pressure, Zoe continues to try and get pregnant. Billy arranges for Little Mo, Alfie, Zoe and himself to meet in the Vic for a drink and to discuss christening plans with the godparents - Zoe and Alfie. The night ends badly for Billy when he makes inappropriate remarks to Zoe about Dennis as a dad. He tries to do the right thing but keeps on messing up. Alfie and Little Mo are left uncomfortably together. Sam tells Kate her ideas for the Nailbar, but she later tells Sam she's selling up after DI Price called to see her and offered her a job back with the Police in Brighton. Sam approaches Ian about a job in the Chippy she refused earlier. Alfie continues to worry about Jake and Danny who are running jobs for Andy. Dennis shows a buyer the club only to learn they won't keep the current staff Fearing losing his job; he approaches Andy about buying the club. Dennis tells Zoe his plan . Zoe confronts Andy, but he shocks her when he remarks that her pregnancy is very convenient. Little Mo and Alfie share a laugh and joke. Alfie feels that he's moving on in his life, after losing Kat and the Vic. The pair share an awkward moment before Billy interrupts. Zoe fears that Andy's onto her secret. She implores Den not to sell Andy the club. She's convinced that he'll ruin her plan. Den agrees to sort it out for her and will keep her deceit quiet.


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