Danny and Jake fob off Andy's accusation. Andy not giving up sends Eddie to find out more about them. Zoe is under pressure about her false pregnancy from Den who is constantly reminding her of the situation. Zoe chats to Little Mo and discovers a possible way. Den puts a stop to it by pointing out its shortcomings. Sam begins the New Year by collecting the car lot rent. She pays a visit to the Vic, where Chrissie tells her she wants to sell her share of the Nailbar. Sam approaches Kate about Chrissie's idea. Kate reapplies for her old job back with the police. Stacey teaches Lucy how to steal from the Minute Mart. Yolande thinks she sees Stacey stealing but can't prove it. Johnny Allen makes a surprise visit and takes the stolen bag from Jake and Danny. He arranges with Alfie for the boys to stay with him. Dennis misses his arranged date with Zoe. She tracks him down and flirts. He shuns her advances. He's not interested in nookie now that she's going to be a mum. Johnny bulldozes Andy into employing Jake and Danny. He's chuffed to have arranged a home and work for them. He implores Jake to keep Danny in check. Job done, he leaves, for now...


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