Jake and Danny collect Spencer from the police station. They demand to know what he said. Spencer insists that he kept his mouth shut. He pretended that it was a drunken prank that went wrong. Jane's husband died last night, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She insists on carrying on as normal. Ian protests - he thinks that she should take the day off. Ian worried about her; he confides in Alfie. Upset Jane goes to leave the Square, but Lucy brings her back to Ian. Alfie tries to find work on the market. Den feels guilty that Alfie's fallen on hard times. He reminds Alfie that his offer of severance pay is still open. Alfie turns him down. He has too much pride to accept Den's handouts. Jake and Danny claim that Alfie's changed his mind. He will accept Den's pay-off after all. Den hands over the cash and the brothers hide their money in the Moons' flat. Alfie's luck changes and he lands a job looking after a wet fish stall. Little does he know that his cousins organised the job. They want to keep him busy while they get up to no good. Yolande and Patrick put the final touches to the Minute Mart before opening and celebrating with friends. Patrick wishes that Paul and Anthony could see him. Andy suspects his car has been used, unsure he accuses Danny and Jake.


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