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Colin finishes his portfolio and goes off to present his work. Naima is excited when she receives a letter announcing an imminent visit by her cousin Farrukh. Ethel reads Dot and Tom's fortunes from playing cards. She sees a dark man coming in to Dot's life, but says it's not Charlie or Nick, and she sees Tom surrounded by beseeching women.

Michelle asks Pauline to look after Vicki for her as Lofty is ill.

Rod suggests to Mary they see if they can get the front room of her 23B Albert Square decorated so that Annie can have it when she returns.

Simon wishes he had a car so he could have more freedom. Darren overhears this and offers Simon a job in adult photography so that he can make quick cash. Simon thinks on Darren's offer but rejects it.

Tom talks to Doctor Singh about posterity and having children at his age.

Angie heads to the Vic in search of Den while Den heads to The Dagmar in search of Angie.

Rod talks with Carmel about getting the council to decorate the front room of Mary's flat.

Colin returns from his meeting with the brewery and tells Barry he appears to have gotten the wrong end of the stick with them, and as a result has to start again.

Arthur admits to Pauline he borrowed the £100 from a loan company, but assures her he has everything under control.

Dot talks to Tom in the Vic when she sees Charlie walk in. She is stunned, but Tom cannot see him. Dot rushes over to the other side of the bar and Donna describes him. Charlie then returns from the toilets. Dot is left speechless.