Spencer asks Alfie what's wrong with Zoe. Alfie is worried when Zoe tells him she's moving out. Kate tells Billy they all have to be united for Little Mo's sake. Zoe tells the Slater's she's moving back. Stacey steals some flowers from the market. Charlie talks to Billy about his worries. Stacey arrives. Charlie tells Stacey she can't stay. Mo blames Billy for Little Mo's misery. Alfie tells Kat it's not too late for them, but she needs to speak to Zoe first. Kat hesitates to see Zoe is in tears entering the Slater's; she goes back to the Vic and downs vodka. Billy accepts a job offer & removes his wedding ring. Garry has to stay & look after Stacey. Nana finds another empty bottle, Alfie tells Kat to stay at home. Tariq drives them to court. Kat turns up at the court drunk; Little Mo arrives with Kate & Freddie.


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