Martin Hunter returns to the Square to make his TV documentary, 'Cockneys'. Since his last visit a graffiti gang have run amok and Willmott-Brown is interviewed in front of his house which is daubed with 'Yuppies Out' slogans all over it.

Arthur has a surprise for Pauline. After making her breakfast, he asks her to dress up, and gets Den to chauffeur them up west. Arthur's plan is to go to Selfridges to buy Pauline a new hat, followed by tea at The Ritz, Me & My Girl and a night in a posh hotel in Piccadilly.

Sharon catches Angie helping herself to gin first thing, and moments later observes Den chatting up one of Martin Hunter's production crew. She clutches her travel brochures in despair and walks off in disgust. Later Sharon seeks solace in a church, alone, where she catches the eye of a young curate, Duncan Boyd.

Sue returns after her impromptu break. She'd been to stay with an old school friend, Tracey. She sits in the cafe alone, which is closed. Ali eventually finds her and says Guizin has done a moonlight flit, packed her bags and left, and so he took the day off. Sue and Ali's landlord has upped his offer to £8,000 for them to move out, but again Ali has turned it down. Sue's break has made her see how crappy the cafe is, and she tells Ali they need to beat the yuppies at their own game and modernise both the cafe and the food on offer. She also reveals she is 15 weeks pregnant, and the baby is due in April.


Main cast

Guest cast

First appearence of Duncan Boyd.

Filming locations

  • Christ Church - actual location: Christ Church & St Mark's, Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK
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