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Naima has her first driving lesson with disastrous results. Tony is upset after a visit from Angie and Den and Angie promise Sharon things are going to change. Sharon’s nose is out of joint over Michelle and Kelvin seeing each other again but she refuses an invitation to dinner from Ian and seems to have other ideas. Lofty’s well meaning gesture is not welcomed by Mary. Den and Angie seem to have put the spark back into their marriage.

Angie slips a note through Tony's door.

Saeed and Naima go out for an early driving lesson. Naima begins driving around the Square and begins to feel confident, until paperboy Harry entices Roly across the road for a treat. Roly runs out in front of the van and Saeed panics, raising his voice at Naima telling her to swerve, causing Naima to fluster and crash into Ali's car. Saeed tells Naima to let him take the blame.

Ali and Sue are threatened with a sue over the cooker. Ali grows stressed at the realisation of how much money he will lose out on from not being able to drive his cab for potentially weeks. Saeed and Naima are invited into the café where Saeed tells Ali he crashed into his car. Ali is furious at Saeed, until Naima steps in and confesses she was driving. Saeed begs Ali to not go to the insurance company as Naima is not on the insurance, instead agreeing to pay Ali for all the fees he loses out on as well as fees to fix the car.

Angie meets with Tony in his van and ends their affair. Tony is upset with Angie's decision.

Debbie organises her revision sessions for her banking exams. Andy teases Debbie about Tony's cooking of the Indian meal and how she took credit for it.

Kelvin meets with Michelle and Sharon in the café and invites Michelle to a roller disco. Michelle asks Sharon if she can borrow her roller skates, to which Sharon says she can.

At the Vic, Den and Angie inform Sharon of their decision to start over in their relationship, and end their affairs. Angie grows slightly annoyed at Den when he tells her that he has only partly-ended his affair with Jan over the phone, but has not completely ended it yet. Ian suggests to Den that they liven up the pub's food menu by incorporating new meals each week. Ian also invites Sharon out on a date, but is turned down by her.

Lou and Michelle nag Arthur to do more around the house given his jobless situation, annoying him. Sharon brings records round to Michelle's house for her, and quizzes Michelle about Kelvin.

In the launderette, Ian asks Kelvin about girls and Sharon, convinced he will never lose his virginity. Ian asks Kelvin why he fancies Michelle and not Sharon. Sharon interrupts the pair and gives Ian some records. Once Ian leaves, Sharon flirts with Kelvin and attempts to put him off Michelle.

Lofty visits Mary and gives her coach tickets to Stockport to visit her family, which he has bought especially for her. Mary tears the tickets up.

Angie tells Den she has moved her things into his room. The pair begin to flirt and Den tells Angie they should have moved back into the same bedroom a while ago. They kiss on the stairs, preparing to make their way upstairs.




  • The local paperboy, who Angie calls Harry, is uncredited onscreen despite having dialogue.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'It's not even our van to start with. You've got no licence, no insurance, no nothing...'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,150,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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