Angie prepares for her supposed night out with her daughter, but Sharon appears to have lost interest since Den cancelled his appearence. Sharon goes to see Den and tells him how upset she is at him, and convices him to cancel his 'business meeting' so he can still take her out.

Den crosses paths with Wicksy while walking Roly in the Square gardens, and makes ammends following the scrap over Mags and Wicky's sacking.

Pete and Donna chat in The Vic but Donna becomes defensive when Pete asks about her parents and where in Scotland her dad's pub is.

Dr Legg is let down again by Darren who continues leave the outside of the Surgery half painted.

In the evening Sharon feigns a headache leaving Den and Angie no choice but to go out to dinner together, just as Sharon planned all along. Back at the Vic, afterhours, Den suggests he and Angie spend the night together, but she declines. Den says he was going to top himself when he found out Angie had six months to live, and Angie again apologises saying she went mad, through jealousy over him and Jan. They reminise about old times when Sharon was little, which turns into a row, but in the end they realise how much they've missed each other and Den carries Angie off upstairs.


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