The Walford residents spring into action to save those trapped in the wreckage of the fairground disaster. Can they reach everyone in time? People rush to help those in the tower wreckage. Spencer's leg is mangled and Kat comforts him. Lynne's terrified - she can't feel her baby anymore. Garry rushes her to the hospital. Dot and Pauline are trapped but not hurt.

Dr Leroy races to the scene and urges Sonia to assist in her nursing capacity. It's chaos, but Den issues commands to coordinate the rescue efforts. Derek retrieves a shaken Lucy. Spencer alerts Den to Peter's situation. He was at the top of the tower when it collapsed. Den orders people to track down Ian. They're unaware that he's underneath the rubble.

Pauline moans about being stuck with Dot. Dot lights a fag to calm her nerves. Pauline reckons people don't pull together like they used to. Outside, everybody's rallying round.


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