Guizin returns to help Ali out at the café. Ali tells her that Sue has gone to stay with her father, but later, Sue phones the café and Guizin learns that Ali doesn't know where Sue is. He later confides in Den that he thinks Sue's left him. Dot starts spreading rumours almost instantly.

Angie is struggling to cope with sobriety, and is already bored of both running The Dagmar, and the punters in there who go on about house prices and home improvements.

Rod is sick of painting the Surgery without getting any money from Darren for the job, so gives up half way through, telling Dr Singh to get Darren to finish it. Dr Singh and Dr Legg go on a pub crawl in order to hunt down Darren.

Sharon thinks Angie are Den are missing each other, and starts thinking of how she can get them back together. She asks both Den and Angie seperately to take her out the next night, with the intention of ducking out, thereby setting them up on a date together. Den gets a call from an old flame, Corinne, asking to meet him for dinner so he cancels with Sharon saying he's got a business meeting.


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