Naima moves into the Fowler's.

Two skinheads spray racist graffiti declaring 'Two blacks don't make a white' on the front wall of The Vic. Den chases them off. He tries to get Lofty to scrub it off but he refuses, saying he's fed up of Den treating him like a half-wit.  Dr Legg decides to take up jogging.

Barry lets sllip in front of Kath about the poker game that Pete, Den and Ali had while the women were at the Isle of Dogs Ladies' Darts Match. Kathy and Sue are furious. Even so Pete and Den arrange another game for that evening with Mr Sparrow and Barry.

Ethel is excited to hear of Willmott-Brown's upcoming Mardi-Gras party at The Dagmar.

Carmel tells Mary that her parents are delaying returning Annie, which sends Mary into a rage.

Derek Taylor makes a surprise visit to Pauline in the launderette, saying he was just passing. They meet in the Vic later with Kathy, and Derek offers to put her in touch with a mate who can sell her knitwear giving her 50% cash upfront. Arthur arrives and takes an instant dislike to Derek, jealous of his confidence and good job. Later, back at the Fowlers', Arthur throws Derek out.

Darren overhears Dr Legg wanting the outside of the surgery repainting and offers to get a team onto it for £300 including materials.


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