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Pat and Frank catch up on old times. Pauline and Derek get to know each other. Ethel, Dot and the rest of the team go on a river trip. Tina's parents, aghast at her living situation make her return home to Ilford with them.

Pat and Frank catch-up on old times as Frank invites Pat out to a restaurant for a meal.

Ethel tells Dot that she keeps snapping at her and she does not like it. Dot realises how she has been behaving and apologises to Ethel.

Pauline and Derek continue to get to know each other.

Frank tells Pat that he has another child from five years ago and that her birth led to the early and unexpected death of his wife, shocking Pat.

Kathy and Sue gossip as they look around Greenwich together. Dot, Ethel and Pauline go on a boat trip together.

Frank asks Pat about Pete.

Colin tells Tina that her parents are looking for her and he has shown them where she keeps the spare key. Tina is horrified. Her parents disapprove of her living conditions and force her to return to Ilford with them, not allowing her to say goodbye to Ian first.

Frank asks Pat to consider getting back with him and invites her to a hotel, but she declines both offers.

The Vic's darts match gets underway, while at the café, the poker match also begins. Den is confident he will win and raises the steaks. Reg doubts Den's confidence and puts extortionate amounts of money in, but loses it all.

Dot gets drunk after eating Pat's oranges which she has soaked in vodka. The ladies win the darts match and party as they head back to Albert Square.

Den gives Reg half of the money he lost back to him and tells him he owes him a favour in return. Angie arrives at the Vic for drinks with Den and the ladies. Pat informs the pair of the team's victory and Angie asks her if she is okay. Pat says she will be before heading off to bed.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • Al's Café
  • Greenwich Pier
  • Greenwich Foot Tunnel, South Entrance
  • Cutty Sark, Greenwich
  • Cubbit House, Isle of Dogs
  • Clippers Quay, Isle of Dogs
  • Tower Bridge, SE1
  • Duke Of Wellington pub, 120 Old Woolwich Road, Greenwich (supposedly on the Isle of Dogs, where the darts match takes place)


  • Last appearance of Frank Butcher until 26 January 1988.
  • Similarly to the previous episode, part of this episode was filmed on location in Greenwich.
  • Radio Times synopsis: "A woman never forgets the first, isn't that what they say?"
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,350,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).


FRANK BUTCHER: D'you remember when we first met?

PAT WICKS: Yeah, Butlins, Clacton, the ball room.

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