Darren is already taking advantage of Carmel and has left her with the children for the day. Her mother can't help out and she has to take time off work.

At the five-a-side football match between The Dagmar and the hastily recruited Queen Vic team, Den encourages his squad to play as dirty as they can in order to win. After the match Den tells Pete that Wicksy can have his job back at The Vic, with a pay rise.

Mags tells Wicksy she's decided to rent Kelvin's flat, and asks Wicksy to move in with her.


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  • This episode features a gentle closing to the episode better known as Julia's Theme created by the shows creator, Julia Smith; the theme only appears in EastEnders episodes on rare occasions mainly departures or upsetting moments: this episode is in thirteenth place to feature the theme tune.
  • Radio Times synopsis: "It's got nothing to do with being my brother, Darren. I don't trust you."

Notable dialogue

Angie Watts: "You may have won this battle but not the war, not yet."

Den Watts: "What you on about?"

Angie Watts: "You'll find out."

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