Dot has been stung by a wasp - on her backside of all places - and Kelvin's A-level grades have got him into university and he will be leaving for East Anglia in a few weeks time.

Mary returns from Stockport. She was attacked whilst hitchhiking back to London by a driver who tried it on with her. Rod consoles her and she tells him how her parents still won't let her have Annie back, and how her mum had laughed at her. Rod and Mary ask Carmel to do something about it, but she says they will have to speak to a social worker.

Willmott-Brown begins auditioning acts to put on at The Dagmar, starting with 'Lost Souls' - an illusionist act with a difference.

Den announces to Arthur that he is taking over as manager and coach of the Queen Vic five-a-side football team. Ian and Pete are disgusted and resign out of loyalty to Arthur. Wicksy also tells Den to stick it, so Den recruits Kelvin, Ali, and himself as replacements.

Darren tells Carmel that his girlfriend's chucked him out, and that he needs to stay at hers until he finds somewhere else.


Guest cast

  • Terry (one of the two Lost Souls) - Vincenzo Nicoli
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