Michelle and Den are in a reflective mood after their encounter. As Lofty is collecting Wicky's possessions from the Vic, Den collars him for a chat and tells him he's boring.

Mags decides she'd like to move to Walford permanently, and Kelvin offers her his flat to rent for three months while he's at University, giving her time to look for a place to buy.

Wicksy asks Angie if she'd be able to get him a job at The Dagmar.

Rod and Sandra the Punk Girl are refused a drink in The Dagmar for being too scruffy. They go to The Vic and she asks Rod to go to Amsterdam with her, but he laughs it off, and they get thrown out of there too. Later she is caught by Naima, Tina and Rod stealing money from the First Till Last till, solving the puzzle of who's been recently been stealing from Mary, the shop and The Vic.

Den brings a lady friend to The Dagmar's disco, in full view of Angie and Mags.


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