The pirate radio station is still operating from the café. Saeed's solicitor arrives to offer the Osmans' five thousand pounds in cash to vacate the flat in four weeks. Kelvin catches up with Ian about mispaid rent, and Ian tries to talk his way out of it but Kelvin is having none of it telling him he'll have to pay double the following week. Punk Girl and her friend, Punk Boy, ask Rod if he wants to go up West with them shoplifting, but Rod declines. Mary rings up her mum wanting Annie back, but when her mum refuses Mary tries to lend money from various people in order to go up North herself, but is unsuccessful and throws a brick through her window. Sue and Ali visit baby Hassan's grave and Sue opens up her heart to Ali. Den confronts Wicksy about the missing money and Mags leading to Wicksy getting kneed and ear full from him.


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Sue Osman: "All I ever wanted was a baby. All I've always and ever wanted was a baby. When you said this morning another Hassan, their could never be another Hassan! Nothing's gonna bring my baby back. When I come here I get so frightened, because I can feel him, but I don't know where. I don't know what to do for him. I just know he's their somewhere."

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