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Arthur has stepped up the rigour and regularity of his football training sessions but still has an attendance problem. Sharon tells Michelle she's off to Mallorca for a week for a familiarisation trip with her new job at the travel agency. Angie and Pat are worried for Simon about him getting close to Magda while Den's away.

Lofty hides from Arthur, who is intent on making him workout in the Square in order to keep fit.

Carmel moves into Tony's old flat with help from Kelvin.

A punk gang have started hanging around in the Square. Sue tells Mary they are not welcome in the café.

Arthur poaches Lofty and as the pair workout, the punks laugh at them.

Simon phones Magda to arrange a night out with her. Pat tries to dissuade Simon from seeing her knowing Den will go mad if he finds out.

Carmel's brother, Darren, arrives on the Square.

A W.P.C. moves the punks on but Mary refuses to budge as she lives on the Square. Carmel vouches for Mary and she then takes a man called Rod back to her flat with her.

Tina serves one of the punks in the shop and as she turns her back on the till for a few seconds, a girl steals some cash.

Mary and Rod talk and get to know each other.

Kathy searches for Ian, furious at him for not attending college the previous term.

Carmel and Darren catch-up in the café. Darren tells Carmel that his relationship with his wife, Darlene, is not on good terms.

Ali and Sue receive a letter ordering them to leave their flat. Sue asks Carmel about the letter and Carmel suggests they check it with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Darren's son, Junior, then turns up on the Square telling him that Darlene is not happy with him. Darren asks Carmel to look after Junior for him whilst he tends to his wife.

Pete complains to Ali and Sue about Ian missing out at college.

Carmel tells Kelvin that if Darren asks him to get involved in any deals then he should check it with her first in case they are illegal.

Ian plans to open up a seafood stall on the market.

Tina panics after realising money has been stolen from the till.

Rod invites Mary to a music fair after getting to know her better, so she tells him that she has a child who is nearly three years-old and says she would not blame him if he wanted to leave.


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