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The fruit and veg stall trade is down, and Pete must talk to Lou if his plans for a seafood stall can come off. After Arthur's talk with Doctor Legg, he takes extra care of Lou. The Vic hosts a country and western night. The Firm appear in the Square looking for Den, and take him away to a secret location and hold him while they wait further instructions. Brad takes the keys to the Vic off Den and goes back to surreptitiously get his passport and pack a suitcase for him. They are sending him to Morocco that night to pick up some gear and bring it back to London, whereupon they will collect it from the Vic. In return they will wipe his debts clean with both the Firm and the brewery. Den doesn't want to do it, but Brad and his henchman make it clear that he can't say no.

Ian and Kelvin talk secretively in the café about a surprise they are planning for the Vic for the country and western night, making Pete uneasy. Pete tells Kathy he needs to rethink about what he is selling on the stalls as the fruit and veg stall business is going under.

Lou is unsure why Arthur and Pauline are worrying about her.

Willmott-Brown asks Arthur to lead a five-a-side football team for The Dagmar but Arthur is against him bringing in players who are not regulars in the pub. Arthur tells Den about the five-a-side football team Willmott-Brown is planning so Den puts him in charge of starting one for the Vic. Den sees Brad in the Square and heads over to him. He gets into a car with him and is driven off. Magda sees Den leave in the car and tells Pat what she saw.

Barry agrees to join the Vic's football team.

Den is taken to an office and locked in with Brad and an associate from The Firm. He waits anxiously to be told what he will be doing.

Barry visits Willmott-Brown and Colin in The Dagmar and embarrasses Colin when he listens to what Willmott-Brown's plans are for the team before telling him he has already signed up for the opposition.

Colin signs up to be on The Dagmar's football team; Barry tells him the Vic will beat The Dagmar.

Lou gives Magda some old recipes she had from the wartime and appreciates Magda listening to her stories. Magda asks Lou what she knows about Den and Lou says he has always been up to no good since he was a child.

Brad receives a call from The Firm and tells Den he needs to go to the Vic to get him some items whilst he waits in the office.

Pete confronts Lou about potentially having to close the stall due to low profits.

Brad sneaks around the Vic and leaves without being spotted by Ian or Magda. Ian tells Magda he aspires to be as successful as her one day. Brad returns to the office with Den's passport and a suitcase of clothes. He tells Den that The Firm will wipe all of his debts with the brewery and bank if he travels to Morocco, collects some "gear" and brings it back to the Vic.

The country and western night gets underway at the Vic. Magda asks Pete if he knows anything about what Den is up to, but he does not know. Pete feels mocked by the country and western night being held in the Vic and when Simon plays 'A Four Legged Friend' on the piano and Ian and Kelvin run around in a horse costume, he feels humiliated.

Den worries about what could happen if he runs the errand wanted by The Firm. He asks Brad what will happen if he says "no" to the deal.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Al's Café
  • The Dagmar - Bar
  • Unknown office


  • This episode marks the first time a mobile phone appears in EastEnders. The phone is the British made Technophone Excell PC105T, and is used by Brad Williams to contact The Firm whilst he's holding Den at a secret location.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Hello Dennis. We're going for a little ride.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,050,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).