The fruit and veg stall trade is right down, and Pete must talk to Lou if his plans for a seafood stall can come off. After Arthur's talk with Dr. Legg, he takes extra care of Lou. The Vic hosts a Country & Western night.

The Firm appear in the Square looking for Den, and take him away to a secret location and hold him while they wait further instructions (via mobile phone) from a higher order. Brad Williams takes the keys to The Vic off Den and goes back to surreptitiously get his passport and pack a suitcase for him. They are sending him to Morroco that night to 'pick up some gear' and bring it back to London, whereupon they will collect it from The Vic. In return they will wipe his debts clean with both The Firm and The Brewery. Den doesn't want to do it, but Brad Williams and his henchman make it clear he can't say no.



Technophone Excell PC105T mobile phone - used by Brad Williams of The Firm (16 July 1987)

First use of a mobile phone in EastEnders - the Technophone Excell PC105T

This episode marks the first time a mobile phone appears in EastEnders. The phone is the British made Technophone Excell PC105T, and is used by Brad Williams to contact The Firm whilst he's holding Den at a secret location.

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