Paul's phone keeps ringing, but he does not answer it. Sam tells Janine about Ricky's affair, but Natalie wants him back. It's Garry's 32nd birthday and Lynne hires him two football videos. Lynne gets Dot's job at the launderette. Alfie tries to date Yvonne, but she is a God worshipper. Wellard comes back. Gus gets fired from the Minute Mart because he turned the freezers off and he's kept Wellard in the shop. Anthony gets the job in A&E. A woman watches Paul, Anthony and Patrick in a car and are then left a baby on the doorstep. Sam is gutted; Ricky is back with his mystery woman. Barry tries to be romantic with Natalie, but she leaves him. Janine picks up Ricky's phone and sees Natalie's message.


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