Little Mo fights the flames to save Sean. Tom rushes into the fire and leads them to safety. He goes back for Trevor but the house explodes. Sharon is distraught.Little Mo bravely fights the flames while Trevor lies on the bed, laughing at her efforts. He remarks that it looks like they'll die together. She opens a window to clear the smoke. Outside, the flames still flicker. Donna's revived by the police. When she realises that Sean's been kidnapped, she screams in panic. Kat's convinced that Little Mo's in terrible danger. Mo rings Billy but he can't hear his phone. Roy and Barry

Barry accuses Roy of stealing his thunder at their Halloween party. Barry sulks but they soon make up over a cup of cocoa. In Angie's Den, the party's still in full swing but Billy's starting to get worried. Kat's frantic with worry - surely Trevor's capable of anything. She insists that Charlie drive her back to Walford, and they roar off in his taxi. Meanwhile, Lynne shares her concerns with Billy.


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