Den and Angie's decree absolute comes through. Angie meets with Jan, not knowing who else she can talk to about it. Later Angie joins Den for an after hours drink, and Den admits the divorce has upset him, and that he still fancies Angie.

Ian tells Sue that he didn't like the way she bullied Pauline into paying back her Christmas Club money. He tells her that Pauline had to pawn her jewellery to raise the money. Sue later tries to return the money to Pauline but Pauline throws her out.

Colin is worried about Barry staying out all night, and is hurt when Barry does turn up with the excuse that he spent the night with another bloke, because he was bored.

Den, concerned about how empty the Vic has become, considers banning Colin and Barry from the pub, worried that their type is keeping trade away.

Ian tells Kelvin he's in love with Tina and asks Kelvin if they can both move into his flat with him

Tony is absent all day. When he finally returns (from seeing Cassie and Hannah) he shows Kelvin his plane ticket to Trinidad. Although it's a 6 month return, he plans to find some work and settle down, and stay for good.


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