Four cheeky workman arrive in the Square for two months to do Wilmot-Brown's pub conversion at The Dagmar. They are staying at No. 20, the B&B that Angie is currently living in. Only two of them (Ray and Tel) ever speak, the other two just nod and pull faces in the background.

Mary's dad arrives in his lorry after Dot called him following the fire at Mary's flat. Wicksy and Lofty agree to clean up Mary's flat while she's at Court. Mary asks her dad if her mum knows that Annie exists, and he says no. When he sees the state of the flat and realises Mary's been lying to him about her situation he threatens to take Annie back to Stockport with him, but Mary refuses to let him. Dot and Tom get a letters from the council confirming they can swap flats. Dot wants to move immediately but Tom says it will take him a week.

Carmel breaks up with Kelvin, saying she doesn't fancy him any more. Debbie shows off the engagement ring Terry has got for her.

Sharon is sick of Angie's drunken behaviour and moves out of the B&B. With nowhere else to go (and refusing to go and live back with Den at The Vic) Michelle offers Sharon her old bedroom at The Fowler's for a while.

Mags arrives at The Vic with Den to asses the catering side of the business. Den gives Pat her old job back as he's short-staffed.



First appearence of Magda Czajkowski. First appearence of builders Ray and Tel.

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