It was the day of reckoning for Little Mo Morgan. In police questioning, she had admitted that she wanted to kill her husband Trevor. However, in court she insisted on pleading not guilty to the charge of attempted murder. Would the final day of the trial be her last day of freedom?

The Slater family waited anxiously for the jury to come to their decision. Charlie was reflective and recounted how he had treated Little Mo when she was a child. He felt that he had neglected her in favour of the other girls due to her quiet nature. Charlie thought that he should have been on trial. Much to Kat's disgust, Belinda agreed with his assertion.

The jury needed to decide their verdict, preferably with consensus agreement. Some jurors were clear about their decision. The foreman of the jury held a vote to canvas feeling. Six voted guilty and five voted not guilty. A further juror was undecided. They continued to debate the case.

With the verdict due at any moment, Kat dragged Belinda back to the Slater house. Belinda was bemused when Kat produced a childhood photo of Belinda and Little Mo with Charlie. She reminded her that they had nominated him for a 'Best Dad' award. Before long they were back at the court house. Belinda ate her words and apologised to Charlie for her cruel comments earlier on.

Charlie thanked Kat for her support throughout the trial and embraced her tenderly. It was the warm hug that she had waited for all her life. In the jury room, emotions ran high. The jury foreman requested that they take another vote. If they couldn't reach consensus then they would have to go with a majority.

Everyone stood up in court as the verdict was delivered. The foreman of the jurors declared that they had found Little Mo guilty of attempted murder. Gasps of disbelief echoed around the court room, the Slaters were devastated. Ironically, even Trevor had a tear in his eye. The only words that Little Mo could squeeze out were: "Daddy, I'm so sorry."


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