Following the arrest and confession of The Walford Attacker, Pete is in the clear regarding the attack on Pat, however he is still on a charge for assaulting a police officer. Pete is angry that D/S Rich won't drop the charge, as he says he wouldn't have done it if he hadn't been wrongly arrested in the first place, and so Pete threatens to hit him again to get his money's worth.

Kathy gets a visit from her aptopted daughter's godmother, June Watkins. June says Kathy's daughter is happy, and is a secretary in Bromley, and would like to meet Kathy but Kathy declines and gives a letter for June to pass on. When June asks if she might be able to contact the father, Kathy covers for the fact that she was raped by saying the father died in a motorbike accident not long after she got pregnant, and to make it sound convincing says they were very much in love.


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