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Den and Angie each receive their decree nisi, meaning they will be divorced in 42 days. Dot finds out that Colin and Barry are a gay couple and is horrified and asks Doctor Legg to be tested for AIDS as she used Barry's cup. Doctor Legg assures her that AIDS cannot be passed on that way but if she is concerned then she can ensure her sexual partners use a condom. When Colin finds out that Dot knows, he is annoyed because everyone will soon know and he fears hostility. Sue tells Angie she has found a lump in her breast. Lofty's auntie, Irene, comes to visit and tells Lofty that she does not have long left to live and he must come to terms with it. He says he wanted Vicki to know her but she says she will be watching over her at all times. Willmott-Brown's children, Luke and Sophie, visit and bond with Emine, Rayif and Murat.

Doctor Legg is disgusted at the council's plan to install toilets on the Square and asks Simon if Den has complained. Simon asks Den if he has complained and he confirms he has.

Pauline gives Dot the keys to Colin's flat so that she can clean for her as she is going to see Arthur in hospital.

James looks forward to his children visiting the Square.

Dot and Tom work together to complete a crossword puzzle to win a prize.

Sue meets James' children and invites them to play with Emine, Murat and Rayif.

Kathy takes Angie into the café to keep her away from Den. Den and Angie both receive their decree nisi.

Irene returns to Albert Square to see Lofty. He is thrilled to see her.

Dot is late to clean Colin's flat and rushes to the launderette where she finds Barry. Dot finds out that Colin and Barry are a gay couple and is horrified. Colin gets paranoid when Barry tells him Dot knows they are gay, as he fears hostility when the local residents find out.

Den tells Sharon that he does not like her spending time with Simon as he is too much like him.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café