Kat, Zoe, Lynne, Garry, Jamie, Sonia and Robbie all set off for a change of scenery by the sea. A darts team outing to Brighton might not sound the ideal setting for romance, but Jamie Mitchell had his own ideas. His eyes soon started to wander when Sonia left him at a loose end...

Zoe and Jamie were thrown together for the day as Sonia was away on family business. The pair walked the streets of Brighton and discussed life and love. Their chat became quite personal, but Zoe was keen to stress she only wanted friendship from him. Deep down she knew she wanted more, and her comment caused him to explode. He admitted that he couldn't cope with his feelings for her and stormed off.

Zoe managed to catch up with him on the beach. Jamie wished that he hadn't expressed his feelings for her, but they both remained confused. Zoe hoped they could forget about his emotional outburst. Frustrated, Jamie decided it was time to take action. He proposed to end the worrying and have some fun instead. They hit the fairground for some light relief.

Back at the hotel, Garry wound Zoe up about her relationship with her mum. Clearly shaken, Zoe fled the dinner table in a terrible mood. Jamie pursued her in order to try and calm her down. She explained to him how sensitive she still felt about her mother being mentioned. Jamie offered to arrange an alternative supper for them, away from Garry.

Jamie's entertainment for the evening consisted of pizza in his bedroom. Zoe appeared most content despite the unsophisticated surroundings. He held her hand tenderly but claimed that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Eventually, he couldn't restrain himself and confessed that he wanted to kiss her. Zoe walked out of the room, certain that she was making the right move.

Zoe reclined in her bedroom, hugging the teddy bear that Jamie had won for her at the fair. When she heard a knock at the door, she assumed that it was Kat returning from a party early. But it was Jamie, he couldn't stay away any longer. Zoe grabbed him by his bathrobe cord and pulled his body towards hers. They slept together, but the next day he avoided her. He made it crystal clear that his performance was for one night only!


Main cast

  • Michelle Ryan as Zoe
  • Jack Ryder as Jamie
  • Jessie Wallace as Kat
  • Dylan Smith as Ricardo
  • Ricky Groves as Garry
  • Elaine Lordan as Lynne
  • Dean Gaffney as Robbie
  • Natalie Cassidy as Sonia
  • Alan Cooke as Curtis
  • Nicky Adams as Mrs Patterson
  • Natasha Joseph as Amanda
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