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Ali looks for witnesses to someone crashing into his cab the night before, unaware that it was Barry and Nick in Barry's friend's father's car. When Barry asks Colin for a loan to repair the car, Colin says he will only if Barry confesses and that Barry should be getting away from crime. Ali receives a Valentine's Day card so gives Sue flowers in return but when she says she did not send a card, she accuses him of having an affair. They are unaware that Barry sent the card as a joke. Jan has her first shift in the Vic but Pat says she is no good at pulling pints. Pauline and Pete visit Arthur - he is starting to feel better but has not realised it is February yet. Hannah thanks Mehmet for getting rid of Rezaul. Mehmet then makes a pass at Hannah so she says he is as bad as Rezaul and tells Tony. Tony vows to join Pete and Den in getting revenge on Mehmet.

Ali's cab has been hit and he is not happy.

Barry buys a fake watch off of Nick to give to Colin for Valentine's Day.

The Walford Attacker strikes again.

Lofty invites Ethel to the five-a-side football match.

Ali heads over to the Beales' house to see if they know who hit his cab.

Simon buys a watch off of Nick and tells him that Den is also selling fake watches - and Nick is charging his customers less that Den is.

Pauline and Pete visit Arthur. He tells them he is starting to feel better but did not realise it was February already.

Jan arrives at the Vic for her first shift, but Pat does not make her feel welcome. Den gives Jan a watch and Colin tells her it is fake. Pat makes Jan pull a pint for a customer and mocks her when she does not do it properly.

Hannah thanks Mehmet for getting rid of Rezaul and tells Kelvin she does not feel safe in Walford with the attacker walking around.

Kathy tells Colin his watch is fake as she saw Nick selling them next to her stall, surprising him. Barry asks Colin for £250 to sort out the damage to the car, but Colin refuses to give Barry the money unless he confesses that it was him who hit Ali's cab.

Pat insults Kathy by calling her a user of men who probably lied that she was raped. Pete backhands Pat across the face while Jan calls the police over the commotion.


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  • 23A Albert Square - Living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café
  • Walford General Hospital - Gardens


  • Radio Times synopsis: "If Den thinks I'm going to be all matey with Miss Silk Knickers, he's got another thing coming!"
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 23,750,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).