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Ali has not found Mehmet and Sue offers Kathy some money but Pete says Mehmet has to pay. Sue tells Ali to do something about Mehmet or they could lose their businesses. Sue tells Dot she will no longer interfere with Mary's life but Dot reveals she sent Mary an anonymous note to say she will be reported if she does not sort things out. Trade is down in the Vic so Den tells Lofty that one of the bar staff will have to go. Lofty tells Michelle that Mehmet thinks it will be him so Michelle talks to Den, saying that Lofty is looking after Den's daughter, Vicki, so Den promises that Lofty will not lose his job. Den meets Angie to discuss their divorce and Angie tells him she will be in charge of what happens. Naima's van breaks down so Rezaul says he can fix it but he ends up making it worse, so Lofty repairs it. Ian brings his girlfriend, Tina, to meet his parents.

Ali has not been able to find Mehmet. Sue offers to pay Kathy some of the money that she has lost, but Pete refuses it and says Mehmet must pay.

Naima tries to learn more about how to fix boilers when her and Debbie's central heating breaks. Mary walks into the café wanting a cab, so Naima offers to take her to her destination, which angers Sue.

Pete clears the air with Ali, understanding he was not involved in Mehmet's business.

Den tries phoning his solicitor but has little success getting through.

Naima's van will not start so Rezaul offers to look into it for her.

Den tells Lofty he has looked at the books and is thinking of firing someone. Lofty fears that it will be him who goes as Pat is a woman.

Naima's opinion on Rezaul begins to change when he buys her and Debbie an electric blanket, though it is short-lived when Rezaul tries to fix Naima's van but ends up making it worse.

Dot raves over her hormone replacement tablets to Lou.

Mary meets a man in the Vic and walks off with him.

James expresses an interest in looking after Arthur's allotment whilst he is in hospital.

Sue tells Ali to do something about Mehmet as they could lose their businesses otherwise. Dot tells Sue that it was her who posted the note under Mary's door. She tells Sue she is not afraid to let Mary know that it was her, just as Mary walks through the launderette doors.

Ian, Lofty, Pete and Doctor Singh practice for the five-a-side football, but Doctor Singh gets injured whilst being goalkeeper.

Michelle visits Den and encourages him to keep Lofty working at the Vic as he is the one who is looking after his daughter.

Pat apologises to Mary in the Vic while Mary tells her she saw her as a friend and not as a conscience.

Ian introduces his new girlfriend, Tina, to Kathy and Pete.

Den meets Angie to discuss their divorce; Angie tells him she will be in charge of what happens.


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