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Mary puts Annie to bed and then meets a man, Alexander, in the Vic. They go back to Mary's flat and he pays her but he only talks about his life. Mary realises he has nowhere to stay and no money so gives his money back. Kathy and Michelle work through the night to complete the order though Ali is suspicious as to why they were not allowed an extension. After Mehmet collects the order in the morning, Ali interrupts Kathy's celebrations to tell her that he has found out that Mehmet's friend is about to be declared bankrupt and they will not be paid. Michelle visits Arthur and he cries at the things he is missing but Michelle promises to make sure he does not lose his allotment. Den confronts Lofty and Pat over their attempts to increase the Vic's profits and tells them not to do it again.

Mehmet promises Ali to stop over-charging customers.

It's Wednesday night and Kathy, Ian, Pete and Michelle are working frantically on the jumpers. Everyone except Kathy and Michelle fall asleep and they work through the night to finish the jumpers. Pete is up at 6am and gets Lofty up off the sofa to cover the deliveries at the pub but Den is up and they had started without him. They finish the jumpers at 7.45am except for bagging and boxing them up. Mehmet is there exactly on time at 8am.

Michelle goes to see Arthur in hospital telling him she is going to give him the £95 she will get for her work on the jumpers. He is a little better but sobs a lot and worries about his allotment and getting back to it some day.

That night, Kathy and her knitting team are celebrating in the Vic when Ali comes in. He had been checking on Mehmet's friend, Frank, and found out the buyer of her jumpers is bankrupt and won't be paying any bills!

Tony and Hannah are in the pub worrying about their bills. Den catches Lofty putting money into the till and pays him back the £7 he is out. Then Den tells Pat not to invite her friends back.

Ali tells Mehmet that he found him out about overcharging and he promises not to do it again. Then they go out to play cards all night. Ali asks Mehmet why Frank wouldn't let Kathy have an extension on the knitting and Mehmet doesn't answer but plans to use his commission money for another card game the next night.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and cellar
  • 23B Albert Square
  • 43B Albert Square - Living room
  • Al's Café
  • 14B Walford Towers - Living room/kitchen
  • Walford General Hospital - Café


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'You know what you are, Lofty? The first bar man in history to be caught puttin' money in...'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 24,100,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).