Lofty, Wicksy and Ian are paying the price after last night with a massive hangover, and Michelle begins to put Lofty in training mode. Pete volunteers to support Kathy around the flat after she took up Mehmet's offer with the knitting job, he wasn't expecting to start today. Pat tells Den a few home truths about the way he treats Angie he nearly thrashes her if it wasn't for Dot disrupting the conversation. Rezaul is taking the shops earnings into his own hands, and Naima isn't pleased meanwhile Debs has found them a flat. Pauline is at her wits end with Arthur's behaviour, and she gets Dr Legg to have a word with him, only for Arthur to reject his help and make a run for the allotments. Sharon confides in Pete about her parents' recent bust-up. Dr Legg follows Arthur up to the allotments and realises how much his health is deteriorating. Later on, Sharon bops round to Michelle and Lofty's for a chat and by the time Lofty finishes work he's too tired to walk her back to Pete and Kathy's flat, so she chooses to walk alone, only to be staked by the local attacker and trapped in the gardens.


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