Angie and Sharon stay at Kathy and Pete's; Angie finally breaks down crying while Sharon collects things from the Vic, ignoring Den; Den passes some cash to Angie via Pete, and later, Pat advises Angie to empty their joint bank account before Den does. Kathy tells Pauline to see Dr Legg about Arthur; Dr Legg tells Pauline to get Arthur to his surgery, so she tells Arthur to collect Lou's medicine, but Arthur walks away when he gets to the surgery and when Pauline talks to him at home, he goes upstairs. Pauline tells Kathy she thinks she knows who Vicki's father is. Pat urges Mary to talk to a man, Eamon, in the Vic, saying that she is likely to get her dinner paid for; Pat is right, and Eamon gives Mary cash before he leaves. Mehmet tells Kathy a friend is willing to sell one of her jumper designs if she can make them within four weeks; Pete works out that Kathy can make £400, but she will have to get some help and Kathy thinks she will be overworked.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Love's all very well, but what you're going to need now is good, old-fashioned money.'
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 22,075,000.
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