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Angie is left reeling about the divorce. Pete and Lou make amends. Arthur breaks down.

The residents of Albert Square conga around the gardens as Angie stands behind the bar of the Vic alone with a drink in her hand.

Colin lies on his sofa alone with a book.

Arthur sits in the dark with Martin and Vicki.

Angie tells Kathy that Den is divorcing her. She begs Kathy to tell her that she did not know he was going to serve her divorce papers but realises Kathy knew. Kathy says Angie can stay with her and Pete for as long as she needs to. Angie then dances with Tom, pretending everything is okay.

Pauline visits Arthur at home and tries to get him over to the Vic, but Arthur refuses to go.

Kelvin tells Carmel that he is going to try and get them some time alone at the flat.

Michelle asks Pauline how Arthur is doing. Pauline tells Michelle to be careful with her words. Arthur reflects on the year as he talks to Martin about everything that has happened. Sue visits Arthur with presents for Annie, Martin and Vicki. She remembers Hassan and how much he loved Christmas.

Colin gets a buzz for his flat - it is Barry. He lets him in and realises Barry is drunk.

Tony tells Kelvin he will convince Hannah to let him spend time with Carmel, but as soon as Hannah learns they are going back to the flat, she dangles her keys and eyes up Ian and Mary.

Pete apologises to Lou for not spending Christmas Day with the rest of the family.

Angie tells Sharon that her and Den are divorcing. Sharon is furious at Den and shouts at him.

Colin takes Barry over to the pub for a drink.

Michelle visits Arthur and gives him money, thanking him for all he has done for her. The pair reminisce about her year with Vicki and her wedding.

Ian and Mary burst in on an unsuspecting Kelvin, who kisses Carmel. Sharon turns up and asks Mary if she can stay at her place.

Den seals an envelope with cash inside it and addresses it to Vicki.

Colin tells Barry he will consider letting him move back in.

Lou smirks as she tells Pat she was unsuccessful at spoiling her Christmas.

Arthur has a complete breakdown and trashes the room as he cries uncontrollably.

Angie and Sharon pack their suitcases and prepare to leave together. Den accuses Angie of setting Sharon up to leave with her but Sharon insists she is leaving on her own will. Dot overhears Angie and Den talking about their divorce. Angie and Sharon walk through the main area of the Vic and the residents watch on in silence as they leave. Dot then tells Barry and Colin about Angie and Den's divorce.

Pauline tells Michelle something is up with Angie and Den so she goes to see what is going on. Den gives Michelle the envelope addressed to Vicki; Pauline sees this and realises that Den is Vicki's father.




  • Originally this episode was numbered Episode 194B but was retroactively renumbered in 2009, when consecutive numbering became standard practice.
  • Final appearance of Delanie Forbes as Cassie Carpenter.
  • With Christmas Day falling on a Thursday, executive producer Julia Smith was asked for an extra episode to go out on the same night. Therefore, this episode was broadcasted at 10pm, four hours after the first part was transmitted.
  • This episode was given two special repeats both being transmitted on BBC Choice. The first special broadcast was on Sunday 20 December 1998 at 7.40pm and the second special was on Sunday 31 January 1999 at 7.10pm.
  • This episode marks the highest audience of all time for a British television drama, with over 30 million people tuning in which no other television drama has ever achieved up until this day, and it's still remembered as one of the most iconic episodes of any television programme.
  • The scene where Arthur has a breakdown and smashes up the living room of 45 Albert Square is replicated in 2007 by his (by then adult) son Martin on 23 January 2007. The sequence of destruction (dining table, sideboard, mantelpiece) is also matched.
  • When the Drama channel started airing classic episodes of EastEnders, this is the only episode the channel transmitted twice. The first being broadcasted on Wednesday 19th December 2018 and the second being Tuesday 25th December 2018 in honour of thirty-two years since the original broadcast.
  • UKTV Drama cut out part of a scene of Kathy and Angie at the start of the episode: Angie:.…Just tell me you never knew tell me you never knew.…No, ‘course you never. Aww it ain’t all his fault is it I mean it’s six to one and half a dozen of the other, God men I hate ‘em. Kathy: You love ‘em that’s your trouble. Angie: No, you love your Pete, otherwise why aren’t you in the same state? Kathy: ‘cus you take on the ‘bastards’ Ange. Angie: Yeah you’re right there I do don’ I,Why?.…
  • UKTV Drama also cut out the line “you dirty bastard” said by Sharon to her father Den after hearing he’s divorcing Angie
  • In December 2012, the Radio Times took out a poll to vote the ten best Christmas moments on EastEnders and this episode, as well as part one, was voted number one. It was also voted 3rd in UKTV Gold's Greatest TV Christmas Moments.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'They should bring back hanging for people like Den Watts...'
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 30,015,000 (1st place). This was the highest rated episode of the year.
  • This episode was included on the internet streaming album EastEnders: Christmas Specials released on Amazon Prime.
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