Janine is successfully revived and Ricky feels guilty, but Fred assures him that he saved her life. Janine awakes feeling sick, but is grateful to Ricky for saving her. Mel accuses Steve of just notching up another conquest. He asks her to run away with him, saying he'll wait for her at the station at 10.00am the next morning. Mark meets another HIV positive person, Perry, who urges him to reconsider when Mark says he's stopped taking his medication. They get on well, and Mark gets Perry's phone number. Mick apologises to Fred, but is amazed that he never guessed, and they are mates again, although Mick wonders why Fred didn't fancy him. Beppe arrives at the campsite to surprise Sam but finds her asleep in bed with Ricky and comes to all the wrong conclusions. Sam awakes and tries to explain saying "It's not how it looks.." but he leaves without listening and drives away in disgust. Steve is disappointed when Mel comes to tell him that they must forget it ever happened, and she says she's going to visit her mother to sort out her feelings. Steve tells her that though he agreed to pretend it never happened, he didn't agree to forget.


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