Steve joins Mel and Sam shopping and buys Mel a pair of earrings. Sam drops Ian's name. There is news that the ball is going ahead after all, and of course, Steve is coming along too. Sam warns Mel that she's playing with fire. Back in the Square, Nina encourages Beppe to surprise Sam and go to the Ball. While Fred is on the verge of telling Mick everything, an obviously gay friend from the past turns up. Mick looks on astonished as the friend eyes up Mick and says to Fred, "Well, if you don't want him, send him over to me." Mick is speechless. Fred desperately tries to assure Mick that he had invited him down to Brighton to tell him he was gay. Mick accuses Fred of having lied to him. Ricky and Sam go in search of the missing Janine, while Steve and Mel go for a walk. Steve challenges her decision to marry Ian, and she can't deny that she has doubts, but that she feels Ian is "solid". She'd always wanted to marry someone she was crazy about, but this wedding feels more like a contract, and she becomes tearful. Steve tells her that she shouldn't be settling for second best, and moves in to prove just what she's missing! Ricky and Sam find Janine lying unconscious on the beach with the waves lapping around her.


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