After the roof of the Arches collapsed, it appears Steve rushed in to save Jackie and Gianni, and was rather heroic. Mel is impressed with Steve and says so in the bus to Brighton. Mel and Sam chat and Mel whinges about Ian, then calls Steve on Sam's mobile just to see if he's OK. Janine is a nuisance, as usual. Mel watches Fred's behaviour and asks him directly if he is gay. He hopes that the rest of the Square will be as understanding as she is (especially Mick). Mel tells Fred that her life lacks the presence of someone passionate, but worries she is being selfish. Fred advises her to "be selfish" for a change. Fred tries to fend off the attentions of various eager females, including Janine. Janine appears with the news that the Halloween Ball has been cancelled. Steve Owen arrives and explains that it's because of the sound system. He is obviously delighted to see Mel and she is equally delighted to see him.


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