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DS West investigates the burglary. Arthur and Lou say the club money, the post office account book, jewellery and Lou's watch were taken. Later, Arthur tells Pauline that faking a burglary was the only way he could see out of the situation with the Christmas club money but insists he did not take Lou's watch. He cries, telling Pauline he is frightened of the consequences. Hannah receives an offer for Tony's last flat but Kelvin complains that he will have no space with the four of them in one flat. Willmott-Brown views Debbie's house and decides to put in an offer for it. Pete asks Simon for the money he owes so Kathy asks why he is treating Simon like this. Pete says that Pauline told him that Simon is Kenny's son but he does not want Simon to be told. Kathy is interviewed by Mrs McCabe for the Samaritans.

The Fowlers are greeted by a Scene of Crime Officer (S.O.C.O.) and wait for the fingerprint man to visit. They are informed that DS West will investigate the burglary.

Naima is interested in buying Tony's van but refuses to pay £500 for it, as she discovered it is only worth a maximum of £400.

James looks around Debbie's house again and tells her he wants to restore the house to its former glory and completely redecorate it. Debbie gives James a little tour around the Square gardens as he asks her about life in Albert Square. James then tells Debbie that he is enthusiastic to buy the property and offers to take her for a drink.

Arthur takes a particular interest in the fingerprint man, while Lou is furious to learn that her watch and sentimental belongings have also been taken from her room. Arthur gets panicky when the fingerprint man tells him he will need to take his fingerprints.

Pete gives Simon the cold shoulder and demands that he pays his debts back to him quicker.

Debbie tells James about how she has quit the bank and has lost everything. James invites her out for a meal but she offers him a meal at her place instead.

Angie asks Pat why Pete is being so horrible to Simon but Pat cannot work out why.

Tony gives Naima a driving lesson in the van. Kathy joins in on the ride and asks Naima to drive her to the Samaritans office but Naima stalls the van and ends up walking off, embarrassed.

Kathy is interviewed by Mrs McCabe for the Samaritans and appears impressed by Kathy, who shares her experience with Mrs McCabe and tells her why she wants to make a difference.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • 43 Albert Square - Backroom
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Samaritans interview room