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Bev is unhappy that Gina is trying to get closer to Ian. Melanie turns up unexpectedly but Ian doesn't want to talk to her. Gina is unhappy that Melanie tags along on their day out. When Melanie finally manages to talk to Ian he tells her they are finished. In a last ditch effort Melanie asks Ian to marry her.

Melanie arrives in Devon in search of a cab but the streets are deserted. She gets no assistance in the local pub. Time passes and Melanie has no option but to travel to Gina's.

Gina fights to get Ian's attention. Her mum Bev's not impressed. Ian and Gina share a nightcap. Gina presses him about Melanie. Ian insists its over. Gina admits she still feels for Ian. He can't hide his surprise as she makes to kiss him. The doorbell disturbs them.

Ian exits upstairs on Melanie's arrival. Gina leaves Melanie to sleep on the sofa. Ian hesitates on the stairs, watching Melanie alone in the dark. Melanie stirs. Ian retreats.

The next day, breakfast is strained. Gina looks daggers as Melanie enters, dressed to kill. Melanie gets left behind as she struggles across the moors in her heels. Bev offers Melanie a much-needed heart to heart. Gina urges Ian to get shot of Melanie. Ian takes some time alone.

A new-age traveller leads Ian to an unexpected change of heart. Melanie confronts Ian. He tells her, "I don't want you anymore". Melanie is devastated. In a last throw of the dice Melanie asks Ian to marry her. Ian is cut short as Gina arrives.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Gina Williams - Nicola Cowper
  • Bev Williams - Diane Langton
  • Traveller - Christopher Llewellyn
  • Landlord - Chris Benjamin
  • Fish Man - David Lloyd
  • Fish Woman - Shenagh Govan
  • Burger Man - Steve Bennett


  • Return of Cindy Williams, last seen on 12 November 1998.
  • This episode was shot entirely on location in Devon.
  • This episode referenced the solar eclipse of 11th August 1999, meaning this episode takes place in the future.