Melanie's suspicions are aroused when she sees Ian engrossed on his mobile phone. Melanie confronts him. Ian breaks off hurriedly before reminding her about dinner at Pauline's. Lisa asks Melanie out for a drink. Melanie accepts. Steve's brief arrives in Walford to question locals about the murder. She receives short shrift from Pat. The brief turns her attention to Melanie. She refuses Steve's request to visit him but unwittingly implicates herself in the murder case. A terrified Jamie tells Phil that Billy's back in Walford. The brothers go after Billy. They catch him. Phil tells Billy to leave Walford for good. Dinner is delayed as the guests wait for Melanie to arrive. Ian's not impressed. Melanie is shaken after her interview with Steve's brief. Lisa consoles her in the Vic. Melanie is horror-struck when she remembers Pauline's invitation. Melanie catches up with Ian. She apologises but Ian tells her it doesn't matter. Melanie confronts Ian about the phone call. He tells her that he's arranged a surprise trip to Devon to see the eclipse. Melanie tries to make it up to him. Ian insists it doesn't matter: they're finished.


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