Dean confronts Nina in the Vic. She agrees a rendezvous to hand over the £250. A shocked Peggy agrees to give Nina the money. Nina hands over the money. Dean gives her more than she bargained for in return… Dot apprehends a young thief breaking into the surgery. With Fred's help, she performs a citizen's arrest. Pauline tips off the Walford Gazette about Dot's heroics. Dot basks in her newfound celebrity… Irene hurriedly finishes Pat's room for the grand unveiling. She isn't helped when Terry collides with a pot of paint. Fortunately, she manages to hide the damage with her 'Feng Shui'. The press arrives to cover the ceremony and hand out prizes. Neither Irene nor Pat can hide their dismay at the makeovers. Irene and Terry are declared the winners. Irene soon wishes she wasn't… Peggy is delighted to find a visitor waiting for her above the Vic: long-lost daughter Sam. Grant and Phil are less welcoming. They demand to know the real reason she's come back. Sam is forced into a difficult position after Peggy implores her to stay for good…. Carol arranges to meet Alan to talk through the divorce. Robbie and Sonia go with her. Ricky is forced to work late at the Arches. Dan seizes the chance to be alone with Bianca. Dan puts Bianca in a difficult position. Ricky returns home, unaware of the commotion inside. 


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