Pat tells Roy that she doesn't think Barry can handle the truth. She asks Roy "are you prepared to lose him?" Barry tells Roy how special his relationship is with Natalie. Roy remarks "honesty is the most important part of any relationship", but can't bring himself to confess his affair. Steve goes over his statement with Mason and Steele. Mason presses Steve on matters he didn't mention in his original statement; sleeping with Saskia and the abortion. He admits "she ruined things for me and Mel". DI Steele counters wryly "no wonder you wanted her out of your life for good". Steve tells Claudia the questioning was merely routine. Claudia accepts this and asks him to say a few words at the funeral. Irene offers Lilly part-time work at the shop. At first Terry is unimpressed but when they share performance horror stories they get on like a house on fire. Dan meets Barry and Natalie. Natalie has some news for Bianca but can't get hold of her. Bianca tells Sonia that she's decided to go on Dan's weekend after all. She convinces Sonia to give Carol & Dan a chance, she needs their support. Sonia agrees to go to Southend. Sonia is upset that Bianca is thinking of moving to Brighton. She's beginning to feel deserted. Steve checks his credit card statement; it's been used in Nottingham. He follows after Matthew. Steve gives Claudia a cheque to help with the funeral arrangements, telling her he has to leave on urgent business. He hopes to be back in time for the funeral. Gianni collars Steve as he departs. They head off for Nottingham together.


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