Steve enters the lads' house, looking for Matthew. Frustrated in his attempts to break in, he calls Matthew on his mobile phone. Inside Matthew stares into space, ignoring the ringing of the phone. A police car pulls up at the back of the lads' house. Matthew spots it and flees through the back door. Lenny is left to deal with the unwelcome visitors. Rosa tries to talk to Nicky as she prepares for her first day back at school. After Gianni intervenes a row breaks out. Nicky spots Jeff in the market and urges him to come back to work. Rosa is delighted to find Jeff blithely working away in the kitchen. Beppe intrudes as she squeezes his hand. Embarrassed, Jeff exits. Barry tries to coax Roy into admitting he took Viagra. Roy angrily evades the interrogation, warning Barry "stop right there. You don't want to embarrass yourself, and you sure as heck don't want to embarrass me". Barry's attempts to broach the subject with Pat are equally unsuccessful. She angrily asserts "I did not encourage your father to take those pills" before storming out. The police tell Lenny they've retrieved the goods stolen during the break in. Believing that Matthew's bag contained drugs, Lenny is evasive with the police officers. Lenny confronts Matthew, wanting to know why he didn't report the burglary. Increasingly agitated, Matthew flees. Matthew continues to evade Steve. His anxiety rising, Matthew decides to leave Walford and see his father in Leeds. Gianni's bad mood persists. When Rosa asks him what's wrong, Gianni reveals his anxiety over a recent failed relationship. He doesn't mention it was with Louise. Gianni snubs Louise in the square. She resolves to confront him in Guiseppe's. A distraught Louise enters the restaurant. Noting her obvious distress, Rosa invites her to sit down for a drink. Their conversation turns to Gianni. When Rosa mentions "he finished with some girlfriend or other" Louise snaps. She leaves the restaurant in tears. Steve spots Matthew making his way down Turpin Road and chases after him. Matthew runs hard to escape him, and makes it onto a departing bus. The bus leaves before Steve can catch up. Matthew looks back to see Steve staring ominously at him.


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