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Kathy explains to Pete why she'd like to become a Samaritan. He's initially shocked, and rather hostile to the idea. Arthur is slowly falling into depression, spending most of the day sat in the same chair. Michelle tries to make the effort to give him some motivation but Arthur tells her to mind her own business! Mary isn't letting Mehmet and Ali get away with the fact that they put on a bet that Mehmet would bed Mary. She makes various phone calls to Ozcabs, sending the drivers on pointless trips. Simon is jealous of all the attention The Banned are getting. Pat turns up in the Square after her husband gave her a beating and threw her out and she's come to get what is hers - money. After The Banned finish their final rehearsal for the big Community Centre competition happening later that night, someone swaps the memory cartridge in the drum machine, and they are none the wiser.

Pete feels down about his failing fruit and veg stall. Ian begs Kathy to let him have her best evening blouse. She lets him borrow it and then explains to Pete why she wants to be a Samaritan.

Pauline tells Den how Lofty is doing after going to visit him in the hospital. She then overhears Angie and Den talking about the bar staffing issue and Angie's health. She asks Angie if everything is okay and Angie insists it is.

Michelle tells Arthur she is going back to college to get away from the Square because everyone has gone cold on her since she jilted Lofty.

Den phones Jan and asks to see her.

Ian, Kelvin and Sharon dye various articles of clothing they have begged and borrowed for their black band imagery, including Kathy's best blouse.

Mary continues her revenge campaign against Mehmet by phoning Ozcabs for hoax pick-ups. Ali gets frustrated by the hoax calls.

Dot celebrates getting out on probation. Tom flirts with Dot in the Vic and offers her leftover vegetables from his allotment. He asks her to let him cook them supper and keep her company, but Dot is insistent that she is still not a free woman as she is still married to Charlie.

Den sleeps with Jan and then tells her that he is staying with Angie.

Simon watches a video recording of the band's performance of "Something Outta Nothing" and feels betrayed by Ian for letting Harry take full credit for his song.

Kathy and Pauline are talking in the launderette when Pat bursts in aggressive, bruised and dishevelled. Pete is unimpressed to learn Pat is back. Kathy takes Pat back to her and Pete's flat and Pat tells her that her second husband has thrown her out. Kathy listens to Pat's troubles, but when Pat suggests she stays at her and Pete's, Kathy dismisses the idea. Pat then decides to turn to Angie to see if she can stay in the Vic.

Simon plays "Every Loser Wins" in the Vic, which hits hard with Michelle. After his performance, he torments Harry, which leads to a brawl between the pair.

Guizin confronts Mary over the hoax phone calls and warns her to stay away from Mehmet and the rest of the family, or else she will contact the welfare authorities to get Annie taken off of her.

The next morning, the band meet at the community centre to complete a final rehearsal of "Something Outta Nothing" for the competition. After they have finished rehearsing, someone sneakily changes the tapes.


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  • Return of Pat Wicks, last seen on 17 June 1986. The character was reintroduced after initially only meaning to appear on the show as a guest.
  • Last appearance of Guizin Osman until 24 February 1987.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I come all this way to see my own son... and what do I find? You're brawling'.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,700,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).